Editing is about honing communication until it is as clear and true to the author's message as possible. Successful editing turns good writing into sublime writing while allowing the author's voice and style to shine. There are multiple types of editing. I am primarily a developmental editor and a line editor, though my experience runs the gamut.

Developmental editing   You have great ideas but seek help bringing them to life in writing. A developmental edit helps establish such things as organization, focus, consistency, and tone. I do a lot of curriculum development and other educational writing for kids and adults, as well as copywriting for small businesses. These could all fall under developmental editing.

Line editing   You have gotten your ideas onto paper or screen and worked them well into shape, perhaps with a trusted confidante or two taking a look. You are ready for a close look at style and usage qualities such as word choice, clarity of meaning, flow, and consistency in tone. One colleague describes  line editing "copyediting + poetry - ego." Best description ever. I have worked at every stage of the editorial process, but line editing is my jam. 

Copyediting   Your manuscript is almost ready—but, after months of looking at the forest, it's crucial for a fresh pair of eyes to examine the trees. A  copyedit fixes errors  in grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and spelling and ensures consistency in terms and conventions. 

Proofreading   A proofread is a check for any remaining typos, stray periods, extra spaces, and the like, to ensure the manuscript is clean. The word "proofreading" used to refer to comparing the typesetter's proof against the typed (or handwritten!)  manuscript. These days, manuscripts may be proofread against a prior version, or they may be simply read on their own, perhaps with the copyeditor's style guide for reference.


Fees vary according to the scope and nature of the project. Contact me to discuss your project and learn more about the editorial process.

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