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About our work together

The first step is often a brief phone consultation. The goal is to make sure we both understand the scope and nature of the service you need (take a look at the different types of editing if you haven't already).

Usually, a sample edit or content review is the preferred next step. You can see what my work will look like, and I can make targeted suggestions for the approach that might best suit your project. 

I may ask you for any standards or style guides you are using, but if you don't have these or know what this means, don't worry. I can walk you through any related needs. My editorial guide of choice is Chicago Manual of Style, though I have on employed other style guides.

For new content, I generally use Google Docs or Word. For content evaluation, spreadsheets (Google Sheets or Excel) are useful and powerful tools. 

I edit using the track changes and comments functions in Google Docs or Word. Depending on the project type and scope, one or three rounds of revisions are included in my fee.

If the content is already laid out and designed, my editorial review can also include looking for visual consistency and clarity with design elements and formatting. In this case, reviewing in .pdf works best. ​

Ready to discuss your project? Contact me and let's talk about your content goals.

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